I had a reading with Francesca back in Sept. 2020! She started the call off that my grandfather (who passed) was reaching out and as she said this my aunt texted saying she dreamt of my grandfather! CHILLS! 
I called Francesca because my boyfriend and I weren’t doing well and I didn’t understand what was going on. She put me at ease without me even telling her what happened. She had no idea why I was calling in the first place. Everything she spoke about all unfolded in the next few weeks. Even though things ended between my boyfriend and I, because I spoke with Francesca, it helped me so much for the coming break up and made me realize how evil this guy was. 

Janine M

Francesca held a calm and neutral stance throughout the reading which helped to remain in the moment and open. She was able to receive messages from my grandmother and obtain information about another significant person in my history that could have never been known. I was floored to hear how detailed and specific she was about certain subjects. I was overwhelmed by the accuracy and had such a positive experience. She truly has a natural gift that is extremely valuable for those who are willing to receive.

Jenna S

Hello Francesca,
Last night was so amazing and I am so happy that you were able to connect with my father. Many of the things you brought through were right on point. When you said he feels like he has the most gentle and nice spirit, that's when I lost it because that really was him. After the reading, I did make connections with some other things that you mentioned and they too were right on point. Overall, I think you did an awesome job.

Shenise M

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the gallery reading this week! Both of the galleries I have attended have been wonderful experiences. I have always felt a strong intuition, but in the last year I have really begun to try and get more in touch with my spiritual side. I was surprised when you mentioned it to me. I’ve been unsure with how to tap into it or what to do. The first gallery reading you suggested switching up my literature. I wasn’t sure what direction to go in, but now I know! I dove right into the first book you recommended and I can’t put it down, I’m almost finished. Thank you so much for taking time to send those! I’m very intrigued and curious and can’t wait to learn more.

Robin R

First and foremost I want to thank Francesca for a humbling experience. At first I must admit I was skeptical about doing a reading over the computer, but it was no obstacle. Relatives were instantly speaking to me, by giving intimate details that only I would know and be able to interpret. I wrote down all the things they were telling me without giving any feedback until the very end. At the end of my reading I put all the pieces of the story together for Francesca and we were left speechless at the accuracy of the details. It was definitely an experience that I plan on having frequently and would highly recommend to anyone.

Joe A

I had such a wonderful time last night (at the online gallery event) and enjoyed every minute of it! You were spot on for everyone, including myself. You do such a great job! I would absolutely love to schedule a private reading with you.

Stephanie V

The reading below was conducted with fellow Medium, Kelly Servello

Feeling more supported and focused after my most recent reading with Francesca and Kelly. From start to finish, they offered their powerful skill set to be in absolute service in assisting me to face a pretty difficult situation. On my own, I was feeling quite stuck and uncertain of my next steps. After working with Francesca and Kelly, I have clarity in the actions I can begin taking that will move me closer towards facing this obstacle with grit and grace. 

I am fairly new to experiencing readings and mediumship due to a lot of skepticism and fear. Thankfully I was guided towards these two incredible women to open up a new space of possibility. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Francesca and Kelly if you are in need of guidance and connection as soon as possible. They are worth their weight in gold! 

Melissa S