This reading is done privately, one-on-one

$140 for a 1 hour session

$80 for a 30 minute session

What is an Intuitive Guidance session?

We all have access to our intuition. It is what speaks to us through our "gut feelings" when we're in certain situations, or even around certain people. Sometimes we can get clouded or bombarded by every day life, making this connection to our inner self a little bit difficult to access. During an intuitive guidance session, Francesca helps assist her clients towards reconnecting to their intuition.

Sometimes we find ourselves at a standstill or crossroads in our lives, searching for guidance outside of ourselves in order to help our decision making process. Maybe this has to do with a big life decision that has to be made, or even something regarding current events, relationships or milestones. Sometimes we need guidance from our Higher Self in order to feel into all possibilities. 

During an Intuitive Guidance session, Francesca is able to tune in to her client's aura, soul to soul, in order to access past, present and future events, to help make the decision making process easier to them. 

It is during this session where client's can ask questions where Francesca will energetically feel into all possibilities, in order to help guide them to their highest potential, feeling most fulfilled.



This reading is done privately, one-on-one 

$140 for a 1 hour session

$80 for a 30 minute session

+$20 per additional attendee, until 3 people maximum; then after 3 attendees, it becomes a Gallery style session.

Please see "Group Readings" below

What is a Medium, and how does a Mediumship Session work?

A Medium is someone who can connect with your loved ones who have passed to the other side. It is through a subtle shift in awareness where I am able to connect with those in Spirit. Through all my senses, I receive information, interpret and deliver the messages and evidence, for you to understand that life continues after we shed our bodies here on Earth. 

The energy of unconditional love is the only thing that continues on when our soul transitions away from our body. We never say good-bye to our loved ones, as they continue to walk side by side with us on our continued life journey, until the time comes where we reunite with them again.

During a Mediumship session, Francesca's focus is to make a connection with the Spirit World, bringing forward evidence and messages from those who have passed, to let you know they are okay, and that they are always with you. 

Speak with your loved ones in Spirit daily. They love when we talk to them. Ask them for signs from heaven, they want to deliver to you!

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$200 + Travel for an in Home Energy Cleans

What is a Home Clearing?

Everything on this planet is energy, even you! Items and homes can retain energy just as much as we do. 

A home clearing is a way to clear out stagnant energy from your home. If you are interested in a consultation regarding your home, email me and we can set up your free 15 minute appointment to speak so I can sense what is going on. If necessary from there, I can come to your home for a clearing.  

During a home clearing, I will come to your home and do a walk through to see, hear and feel what energies are engaged. After the walk through, I will then clear the home through intention and sometimes burn sage. 



$500 set fee 

If location is outside of Westchester County, NY, a travel fee will be added on

Group readings are a great idea if you're looking to have an intimate or large gathering of family and friends come together for the mediumship experience.

Please note, not everyone is guaranteed a reading in a group setting.

For in-person groups, there is a 5 person minimum and no maximum of attendees. 

Private group sessions can be held over zoom as well! For group sessions held over Zoom, there is a 4 person minimum with no maximum of attendees.

Group Events will run approximately 2 hours long

Francesca is currently traveling domestically only, within the United States, for Mediumship Events.

She is not traveling internationally at this time.

To inquire about group readings, or to book Francesca for an event, please email

Private readings are currently conducted via Zoom

Readings are conducted in Eastern Standard Time

Please inquire for in person group readings and special events