$120 for a Full Reading

$60 for a Half Reading


Intuitive Psychic Readings

This reading is done privately

What is an Intuitive Psychic?

An Intuitive Psychic is someone who is able to pick up on energies, vibrations and current events when connecting energetically with a person's soul. 

What is an Intuitive Psychic reading? 

An Intuitive Psychic reading is an energy exchange between a psychic and a client. During a session, our guides communicate with one another, and I receive information on what the client may need to know, usually regarding information on their personal life and current events. This information can be useful if the client is looking for guidance on a personal level.

Clients may come with questions on a certain topic, and we can delve further into the current situation. 

This is an energy exchange from person to person.


Mediumship Readings

This reading is done privately

What is a Medium?

A Medium is someone who is able to communicate with spirits who have passed on to the other side. It is through all the senses in which a Medium can receive information. Mediums can see, hear, feel, and know information regarding those who have passed. 

What is a Mediumship Reading?

A mediumship reading is an energy exchange between a medium and a spirit who is on the other side. It is through this communication where the Spirit realm drops down and a medium brings their vibration, or awareness, up, in order to be the communicator in that middle ground, hence the term, Medium

In this reading, I will open up and connect to your loved ones in Spirit. 

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Home Clearing

$60 + Travel for an in Home Energy Cleans

What is a Home Clearing?

Everything on this planet is energy, even you! Items and homes can retain energy just as much as we do. 

A home clearing is a way to clear out stagnant energy from your home. If you are interested in a consultation regarding your home, email me and we can set up your free 15 minute appointment to speak so I can sense what is going on. If necessary from there, I can come to your home for a clearing.  

During a home clearing, I will come to your home and do a walk through to see, hear and feel what energies are engaged. After the walk through, I will then clear the home through intention and sometimes burn sage. 


Group Readings

Please inquire for pricing

Group readings are a great idea if you're looking to have an intimate or large gathering of family and friends come together for the mediumship and psychic experience

For in-person groups, there is a 5 person minimum 

Group Readings (5-8 people)

$60 per person

Everyone is guaranteed a reading

Travel fee is not included

Group Readings (8+ people)

$40 per person

Not everyone is guaranteed a reading

Travel fee is not included

For group sessions held over Zoom, there can be a 2 person minimum.

Group Readings last approximately 2 hours long

To inquire about group readings, please email.

Private readings are currently conducted via Zoom

Readings are conducted in Eastern Standard Time

Please inquire for in person group readings and special events